A professional team, doing the perfect job

In Brazil, specially in the soccer area, there was way to do always a better job and to be a bit more focused in qualify. All the players tranfers and the management of their careers could be improved. That’s why we have created the Prime Agência Esportiva, that comes into this soccer market with a different profile, which manages their carrers in an innovate way, always looking for new sponsors.

Using this qualified services, we are always searching for improve the Prime Agência. Our goal is to be the number one in Brazil, by taking care of all our athletes needs.

The PRIME AGENCIA ESPORTIVA is a sports management and marketing business, which works with soccer since 2010, and does all these jobs:

1. Soccer career’s management;

2. Investment and management of athletes economic rights;

3. Management and dealing with sports sponsors for athletes and soccer teams.

Our Mission

Be part of the soccer market in a responsible way, being professional and innovating, getting sports sponsors, dealing economic rights, managing and improving the athletes careers, offering security and reliability to every single part of the deal.

Our vision

“Getting new deals, being the number one in Brazil and in the world of identifying a good rising star, managing carrers and seeing good deals.”

Our values

Integrity, confidence, ethic, commitment, transparency, loyalty and friendship






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